Our Privacy Matters!Youth, Identity and Online Sociability


Our Privacy Matters! Youth, Identity and Online Sociability

A documentary by Giuliana Cucinelli / Leslie Shade

Directed by
Giuliana Cucinelli

Co-produced by
Giuliana Cucinelli / Leslie Shade

Co-written by
Giuliana Cucinelli / Leslie Shade

Research Consultants
Leslie Shade / Tamara Shepherd

Inforgraphic Design by
Anthony Korkidakis

Videography & Lighting by 
Giuliana Cucinelli / Rob Lynch

Sound Recording by
Cynthia Wong

Special Thanks
Concordia University School of Graduate Studies, Faculty of Arts & Science
Cynthia Cianciusi
Eva Cucinelli
Mario Cucinelli
Filip Holm
Henry Lemmetti
Sam Lun
The Mobile Media Lab
Dr. Kim Sawchuk
Dr. Tamara Shepherd
Andrew Simpson
Mike Smart
Rae Staseson
Carl Vernersson
Mikael Wadstrom
Interdisciplinary Research Laboratory on the Rights of the Child Annual Conference

Made possible by the funding from
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada for Young Canadians, Participatory Digital Culture, and Privacy Literacy